About Sperero

Sperero Pty. Ltd. is an Australian based company that has developed a capability to measure the hoof impact of race horses using both an instrumented horse-shoe and hoof unit, at all gaits and speeds and in all conditions.

The technology is based on a hoof-mounted unit adapted from aerospace applications by Sperero Pty. Ltd.

  • The hardware and software can reliably capture and process track surface information in a routine manner
  • The hoof unit is easy to attach and remove and remains firmly attached during testing.
  • The GPS unit provides accurate information on position, speed, stride length, and gait.
  • The difference between data from the hoof mounted and instrumented shoe data is negligibly small, meaning that the simple to affix/remove and generic fit hoof mounted unit can be used in place of the custom instrumented shoe instrumentation, enabling practical use in the horse racing industry
  • Fitting of the instrumentation and operation of the data recording can be performed easily by the Race Day Farriers and Clerk of the Course respectively, as part of their normal duties.
  • A fully functioning database has been developed for efficient data management.


The original research project was partially funded by a grant from Racing Victoria; and a commercial version of the system is currently being trialled.

For more information contact:  Dr. Colin Martin at Colin.Martin@sperero.com